“I can come over”

Is what you always said

As if two hours

Does not matter between us


Does make the heart grow fonder

I look forward to the day

When I see you again

Only to miss you

Everytime you leave.



Your voice

Your gaze

Your stature

Everything about you comes in a pretty package

With a bit of spice

Every time you tease

I secretly crave for more of

 Your touch

Your hugs

Your kisses

Though I am too shy to say

That my body craves for it

But my mind is telling me

To wait

Until the wedding bells chime

I might be meek to say the least

But I value purity in high regard

Thus I hope you understand that

I did this out of my own consent

If you do respect me for who I am

Then by all means

Stay by my side

Forever and always.

Love sick

Love sick

How I wish everytime I see you I have the courage to say

“I love you”

Three words

Seem simple yet complicated

The time feels right but waves of hesitation engulfs

It is as if I am stepping into a minefield


Love is a battlefield

Risky but rewarding

In the end, I am thankful

that our paths crossed

Without it our story would never start

With this, now I am certain

That I am sick

Love sick.