Being You

Being You

Never have I ever thought that

I would be able to love again- with such haste

What started with a knock

Turns out to be the key to my


With you

I learned how to love

and to be loved

How our relationship mean more than just


Time difference and

Physical presence

Your never ending affection

Made me fall for you


Thank you

For listening to my endless rants

Thank you

For your tear-jerking love letter

Thank you

For being you.




Your voice

Your gaze

Your stature

Everything about you comes in a pretty package

With a bit of spice

Every time you tease

I secretly crave for more of

 Your touch

Your hugs

Your kisses

Though I am too shy to say

That my body craves for it

But my mind is telling me

To wait

Until the wedding bells chime

I might be meek to say the least

But I value purity in high regard

Thus I hope you understand that

I did this out of my own consent

If you do respect me for who I am

Then by all means

Stay by my side

Forever and always.