Encounters happened at unlikely places

Or so they say.

His warm chuckle


Gentle heart

Are the qualities that tickle my heart so much so

That it is hard not to fall in love

With a man of such demeanor

Though distance and time

are tough challenges to overcome

I look forward to the day

When I get to hug him close and whisper

I love you

Over and over




There is no such thing as

Love at first sight

I learn to love you

Through the good and bad

But it seems that

I would never be your number one

As the quests of taking care of your family and job hunting

Are high up on your priority list

Am I selfish? I think not

All I ask is for us to spend more time with each other

Sharing more moments together

Which is hard to achieve by meeting up once a month

Unfortunately, Skype does not cover the gaping hole of

Physical Presence

You did mention several times for my sake that

“Its better for you to find another man”

But I persistently held on

Because I thought I am able to patiently wait

By being your pillar of support going through your tough times

Little did I know

That my happiness would be the victim of this chaos

So it is best for us to be apart

As it would save both your heart

And mine

from calamities to come.

Happy 24th Birthday

Happy 24th Birthday

Remember the time when we first met?

We didn’t know whether we should do a hug or handshake

In the end we settled for the latter

Remember the time when I discovered you didn’t like sour cream onion flavored chips?

I thought of the reasons why I am together with you but

In the end I know I will eat them all anyways.

Remember the time when I rant to you about everything that troubled me in the past?

Never once you complained instead, you gave me advice and opinion about the matter.

In the end it reminds me of why

I love you

Just the way you are

Life is our stage

Time is our audience and

We are the main characters

Lets grow old together

Happy 24th birthday dear

With Love,


Dear Mom

Dear Mom

You know how I was not the strongest kid when I was young

The never ending




You searched cure for me

Near and far

You never back down

From any challenges that comes your way




By our mutual enemy


You took all the bullets

For the sake of us,

Your children.

I admire your courage

Your strength

Your compassion

And tell us that everyday is

“Going to be okay”

There are not enough words to express

How grateful we are

To have you as our mom

Thank you for your unconditional love

Thank you for your never ending support

Thank you for giving us

The greatest gift of life.

Falling In Love With You

Falling In Love With You

There are times when I thought

Am I good enough to be standing by your side?

As you are far too kind

Too considerate

Too patient

Qualities that are too valuable

For my vulnerable self

As I am impatient



Whenever I look down

You make sure to ask if I am okay

And when I bawl my eyes out

You hug me


To calm me down


I was able tell you

Of how grateful I am

Falling in love with you.