Dear Mom

Dear Mom

You know how I was not the strongest kid when I was young

The never ending




You searched cure for me

Near and far

You never back down

From any challenges that comes your way




By our mutual enemy


You took all the bullets

For the sake of us,

Your children.

I admire your courage

Your strength

Your compassion

And tell us that everyday is

“Going to be okay”

There are not enough words to express

How grateful we are

To have you as our mom

Thank you for your unconditional love

Thank you for your never ending support

Thank you for giving us

The greatest gift of life.



Your voice

Your gaze

Your stature

Everything about you comes in a pretty package

With a bit of spice

Every time you tease

I secretly crave for more of

 Your touch

Your hugs

Your kisses

Though I am too shy to say

That my body craves for it

But my mind is telling me

To wait

Until the wedding bells chime

I might be meek to say the least

But I value purity in high regard

Thus I hope you understand that

I did this out of my own consent

If you do respect me for who I am

Then by all means

Stay by my side

Forever and always.

Love sick

Love sick

How I wish everytime I see you I have the courage to say

“I love you”

Three words

Seem simple yet complicated

The time feels right but waves of hesitation engulfs

It is as if I am stepping into a minefield


Love is a battlefield

Risky but rewarding

In the end, I am thankful

that our paths crossed

Without it our story would never start

With this, now I am certain

That I am sick

Love sick.