Encounters happened at unlikely places

Or so they say.

His warm chuckle


Gentle heart

Are the qualities that tickle my heart so much so

That it is hard not to fall in love

With a man of such demeanor

Though distance and time

are tough challenges to overcome

I look forward to the day

When I get to hug him close and whisper

I love you

Over and over


Time Heals All Wounds

Time Heals All Wounds

It has been three weeks since we part ways

Ever since,

I took our pictures off my bedroom wall

Deleting any signs of you and I from social media and

Tucked your clothes in the corner to collect dust

The feelings of




Are of such great magnitude

It made me thought over

Of whether I made the right choice

As I am subconsciously afraid that

I would never find a better man

But this journey that I had with you

Taught me a valuable lesson

It is okay to throw yourself into loving someone dearly

It is okay to cry when you have to cry

It is okay to say

“I love you”

As I see nothing other than a reflection of

a beautiful girl who gave it her best

And would settle for nothing less

Getting over you would not be an easy task

But as long as the clock ticks its hand

Time will slowly heal this wound

From which its scar I will wear with pride

For years to come.

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